Add, edit & remove members in your project

You can always use Archmule to only organise yourself. But, when the time is right, you can add other people to join your projects and collaborate!

Everything related to members in a project can be viewed from the “People” at the project’s menu.

From there you can add and remove members or edit their roles (Owner, Admin, Member). 

Add members to your project:

  1. Search for other users by their name or username or add them by their email address. If they are not registered in Archmule they will receive an invitation to join your project.
  2. Select the access level (Admin or Member) you want to grant them.
  3. And click on the green button “Add new member”.

Edit a member’s role

Find the member, whose role you want to edit and:

  1. Click on the arrow icon next to their role.
  2. Choose the preferable permissions you want to grant.

Remove a member 

  • Click on the trash bin icon, on the right side of the member you want to delete, and select confirm.