Archmule for Mobile

The mobile apps are designed to function seamlessly with our web-based online service. Archmule is a cross-platform so that you can manage your work and more anywhere! Making it smooth and easy to navigate and connect with your team on your favourite device!

Archmule – Android app

Archmule android app

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Archmule – iOS app


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Access via mobile browser

You can use Archmule with any device without the need to download a native application by visiting directly the website at with your device’s browser.
We are supporting mobile use through our responsive design, which includes a limitation:

You can not drag drop tasks while using Archmule in a mobile browser.

BUT you can move tasks from one stage to another by opening the task of your preference, then tap on its current status ( always located after the task’s name) and from there you can select where you want to move it.

Other than that, our responsive version offers the same capabilities as our full version. 

Furthermore, we are planning to release Android and iOS apps soon. Please, follow our public development process here to stay updated!

Notice:  We recommend you downloading the Mobile apps for Android and iOS for better experience.