Archmule Free VS Premium

With Archmule you can collaborate in unlimited projects, with unlimited team members and get everything you need for free!

But when you need to boost your team’s communication and productivity you can use Archmule Premium, the enhanced version of Archmule.

It costs 7€ per month for an annual subscription or 9€ per month for a monthly subscription.  

Archmule Premium includes:

Statistics and Reports


Get detailed insights about your team and your projects.  
In Reports you can find out how productive your teams is, how tasks are distributed among team members, how long it takes to complete a task and many more valuable information.

  • Reports are accessible to Premium users only. 

Custom Project covers

Every project has its own cover, which is auto generated when you create the project.  
Covers help you to identify each project easier, but also give a pleasant and familiar feeling. 
You can change the cover anytime from your project settings. 

Archmule Premium:

  • You can add your favourite cover in private or public projects!

Archmule Free:

  • You can add custom covers only in public projects

File attachment limit size raised

You can upload unlimited files but there is a limit for each file.

Archmule Premium:

  • You can upload large files up to 200MB per file.

Archmule Free:

  • You can upload files up to 10MB per file.

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