Creating your first project


All projects in Archmule have the same workflow management: Done, Now, Next
This is called a natural workflow management, which helps you manage your work: Your past tasks are on the left and your future tasks are on the right. What you are working on right now is in the middle.

Every project has the same workflow management. This makes it extremely easy when you switch from one project to the other. This is especially handy when you work with different teams on different projects.

Creating a project

If you have just registered to Archmule and joined without a project invitation from another user, you will see a Welcoming Page. On this page, you will be asked to create a new project or to edit your profile page. By the way, filling in your profile is important since it helps other users identifying you.

You can create immediately your first project by:

  • clicking on the green button that says Create new project

The Create new project dialog will ask you to:

  • provide a name for your new project
  • choose the project privacy between private and public. By default, the privacy is always set to private.
  • (optional) add a project description
  • (optional) add project tags

When you are done just click the green button “Create project”.

Adding your first task

After you have successfully created a new project, you will see an empty project asking you to add your first task. 
Tasks are work items. They help you divide your project’s workflow into parts and allow other team members to track the progress of work in a highly visual and easy manner.

You do not need to worry about the management flow or any other settings. Now you just need to focus on things that matter the most to you, your tasks. 
So just add your first task.

As mentioned in the very beginning Archmule has a natural workflow management: Done, Now, Next 
Every new task will be added to your Next stage automatically, assuming that every new task is a future task.

how to add task

Adding information into a Task

By clicking on each task you can enter into the task’s information and add or see anything related to it.

Moving Tasks from one stage to the other

When you are ready to change the progress of a specific task you can move it from one stage to another by drag and drop or by changing the status from inside the task itself, as shown below.