Receiving Notifications

Archmule’s main notifications are located on the bell icon, which is on the right top, next to your avatar picture. 
When you have an unread notification, the bell transforms to a red dot with a number in it. The number indicates how many unread notifications you have.

Click on the red dot to read your notifications.


By default, you will receive an email for every new unread notification.
This can be changed from the Email notification settings.

Additionally, when you join a project you automatically follow this project.  
If you unfollow a project in which you are also a member, you will not receive any notifications unless you are directly involved with a certain action (e.g. you are mentioned, assigned).

Project notifications

  • you are added into a project
  • you are removed from a project
  • your role (member/admin/owner) is changed 
  • you are assigned a task
  • you are mentioned in a comment
  • another member replies to your comment 
  • another member leaves a comment in a task you have created
  • a project you are a member at, has a privacy change e.g. Private to Public or vice versa

Social notifications

  • someone follows you
  • someone follows the project you are a member of
  • someone likes the project you are a member of
  • someone posted a comment in a project’s Hub channel

Due Date Notifications

For each Due Date every member of the project will receive:

  • a system notification when a due date is created
  • an email notification 24 hours before the task is due
  • a system notification 12 hours before the task is due
  • a system notification the exact time of the due date