Sharing links with private content

There are several ways to allow people to view your projects, tasks or files on Archmule. But view-only access is the best, when you need to share your private content with anyone (including people who don’t even have an Archmule account) via a unique link.

Creating a shared link

By creating a shared link you can share your entire project or individual tasks and files to other people outside Archmule in a view-only version. Only people with this link will have access. Archmule will send a notification for privacy reasons to the project owner and admins.

Share an entire project:

You can find this option on the right sidebar of the project, by clicking on the “More” option.

Share a task:

Open the task you would like to share and navigate to the more options on the top right corner next to the close button.

Share a file:

Find the file you would like to share and hover over its thumbnail, then click on the arrow icon to find the “Share” option. Alternatively you can open the file and click on the “Share” option at the bottom of the page.

Manage your shared links you’ve created

To manage all the shared links you and your team have created you can go to “Project settings” and navigate to “Shared links” Tab. 
You can view there, which content has been shared, who created the public link, when it was created and how many views it has. 
By clicking on the right option (more options), you can copy or delete the specific link. 
To access the shared links management page, you need to be an admin or the owner of the project.